Mother Day Gifts She Will Treasure Forever

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Get your mom a Mother Day Gift she will remember forever

Here is a bit of History...

Finding the perfect Mother's Day gift has been an important task to honor mothers since time began. Honoring mothers "officially" on a special day goes back to the Greeks and Romans.

The ideal of a special day eventually moved to England as "Mothering Sunday" (today's Mother's day) which dates back to 1600s. It was celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent (the 40 day period leading up to Easter) to honor mothers. After a church prayer service to honor the Virgin Mary, children brought gifts and flowers to pay tribute to their own mothers. Servants, apprentices and other employees were encouraged by their employers to visit their mothers and honor them too.

You should always honor your active mother in a sense. She did give you life. What better way to show your appreciation than to spoil her with things you know she will like for example these Bohemian style dangle earrings

Unbelievably, the custom of celebrating Mothering Sunday died out almost completely by the 19th century, probably because of the trauma of WWII. However, the day came to be celebrated again after the war, when American servicemen brought the custom home. I am assuming that no one learned to appreciate their mothers more than those that saw the ravages of war thousands of miles from home, And, of course, commercial enterprises jumped in to gain sales and now it is here to stay - but, rightfully so.

Mother's Day gifts don't have to cost a lot of money. You can make the gifts yourself! 

Truth is every day is mother's day. I am not saying this for just myself as a mother, but also for the love and appreciation of my own wonderful mother, and grandmothers. The day your child is born is the best day of your life, the day you get the privilege of being "mom". Here are the 8 Best Gifts For Women Of All Time

Unique Mother Day Gifts Always Touch Her Heart

However, this article is about the "thought that really does count" when it comes to giving a gift to your mother. Here's why:

The deep from the soul love your mother holds for you is like no other. Mothers are not very "materialistic" when it comes to their children. Basically, what I mean by this is that when it comes to getting gifts from our kids, something or even an act that comes from the heart, where a lot of thought consideration was put into it, that's what your mother wants.

Instead of buying her flowers and having them delivered on mother's day, her birthday, or any special occasion, send them on a non-holiday day, "for no reason". Now that's special! Even if your next "special occasion" gift is a flop, you will have some credibility built up with this one!

Take the load off of her, for example from the chores she normally does. Clean the house on mother's day. Clean out her car on her birthday, and do an exceptional job of course. And, don't give her an I.O.U. in a card for this -just surprise her and do it! Anything you can do without her having to ask is key.

Write her a heartfelt letter on what she means to you. When she is hurting, afraid or stressed for any reason write her a touching letter showing your faith in her to overcome anything.

If you feel the need to buy her something, make sure it's a unique Mother Day gift that makes it about her and not just something you thought would be cool to own. Scour your mind for conversations with her - you should be able to come up with something that she personally would like but, would not buy on her own.

If there is something around the house that has been broken or even an unfinished project, take care of it. Again, it's a better gift if it is a surprise rather than just saying you are going to do it. And we women hate to have to keep asking for something to get fixed.

The Best Mother Day Gifts Come From Your Heart ...

Your mother is not stupid... she knows when you just bought something to pacify your perceived obligation. You're better than that! She's better

than that. Do you get it now? If so, go out there and make both of you proud! It ultimately is the thought behind the Mother Day gift that really counts the most.


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