5 Trending Types Of Rings For Women

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The are many types and styles of rings in the jewelry store. The types can vary from those with a simple beauty function to those with a symbolic or social meaning. The signet, engagement and wedding ring are the most well-known, but there are still plenty of other popular choices. Here are five of the main types of rings:


The promise ring can have plenty of meanings, but it is best known as a warm-up ring before the engagement ring is placed on the finger. It is worn before the couple is ready to get officially engaged. The preferred type of stone for this ring is a small diamond or gemstone. Also, the promise ring with its plain or small stone is a lot less expensive than an engagement, so it is a practical choice for the young couple with little money to spend on showing their commitment. Couple rings have become very popular recently. 


The championship ring is presented to the amateur or professional sports team in recognition of winning a specific tournament or league. This type of ring is appreciated for its ability to give a lifelong reminder of the past success in a person's sporting career. Many women even love rings that resemble a sports ring as long as its still stylish. These rings help them feel like a champion themselves when wearing them. 

Some of the most beautiful rings are made up of a metal like zinc alloy and zirconia stones (similar in appearance to diamonds). In the professional sports leagues, the championship rings that are the most famous include the World Series and Super Bowl. 


The birthstone ring is usually simple in design with a birthstone that makes it possible to celebrate the birth of a loved one, family member, a friend or the wearer. A similarly styled ring is the Mother's ring which is designed to include multiple birthstones, and these can represent the birthdays of the wearers children, parents, or grandchildren. An elegant jewelry set always looks great with birthstone rings.  


The posy ring is often a gold band with a special inscription on the outer or inner surface. This option to include an inscription has been popular with the wedding bands and engagement rings. This type of ring was given its name because a lot of the early inscriptions were quite poetic in nature.


The eternity ring is usually a plain metal band that symbolizes eternity with a loved one. Also, the rings can include a row of stones like diamonds around half or the entire outer surface of the ring. Eternity rings are given by many in place of the engagement ring. There are several styles of eternity ring, including the half eternity, three-quarter eternity and full eternity. These go exceptionally well with a custom infinity name necklace

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